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What makes the WARK company special? It is the approach to how we run business and how we develop relationships with clients.
Trailer manufacturer
We do not only sell trailers - we offer comprehensive, developed and adapted solutions, which meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Our projects have been used in advertising, commercial and fair industries, but most of all - catering, mainly the popular street food...
We design and manufacture trailers that are not limited by any offers or catalogue specifications. Our clients decide whether they want to purchase an empty trailer and equip it on their own, or choose a variant with all the required installations and lighting, which are our turnkey projects.
Trailer design
Clients can also configure the interior and equipment to the full extent: select the type of furniture (whether it is wood or stainless steel), as well as the brand making catering equipment on which the client wants to work.
These advantages, combined with the highest attention to quality of workmanship, and affordable prices make our offer unique on the European market.

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Catering trailers
Exhibition and commercial trailers

Our catering trailers are perfect for selling freshly roasted coffee, healthy salads or huge burgers. With the personalization option, you can create a place of your dreams that will attract many intrigued customers. This complex solution allows matching appropriate furniture to catering equipment that you trust the most. You can commission us with the equipment or make it on your own. The decision is always yours.

Catering trailers premium


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Catering trailers comfort


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Catering trailers bonanza


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Catering trailers house


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Present your products in an unconventional way. Increase the sales in mobile locations, reduce the cost of exhibition space at the fair, reach more customers, invite them to your mobile office.

Commercial trailers expo


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Commercial trailers premium


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Commercial trailers comfort


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Get inspired

Get inspired

Do you dream about something unconventional, but you do not have the idea? Check our gallery and get inspired. Tell us about your vision and we will implement it for you with attention to every detail, even the smallest one.


The best memories are created by spontaneous and surprising events. Rent a catering, commercial or advertising trailer for as long as you need it. We offer both short-term and long-term rental. Meet people, travel and enjoy new flavours - do not limit yourself to place and time never again.


With the company's well-organized structure, we operate more efficiently and accurately compared to other manufacturers. Our modern technological solutions are a guarantee of innovative design, which ensures quick development and return on investments. Check our projects tab to make sure that none of the above-mentioned words is made up. See for yourself!



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